D-Day Squadron's Legacy Tour 2024

Douglas DC-3

In 2019, fifteen Douglas DC-3s flew from the U.S. across the North Atlantic to stop in Duxford (U.K.), Caen (France) and Berlin (Germany) to celebrate the anniversaries of D-Day (June 6, 1944) and the Berlin Airlift (1948 to 1949). Historic parachuting was re-enacted in France as on June 6, 1944, when more than 11,000 aircraft were mobilized as allied forces began a massive land, sea, and air invasion now known as D-Day. The "D-Day Squadron" is planning a similar event for 2024 in Europe to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the D-Day Invasion and the 75th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift. A Kickstarter campaign has already been launched successfully. The proposed timeline is:
  • May 15-25: Train and cross North Atlantic
  • May 25-31: Europe training and buffer for weather / mechanical
  • June 1-5: Imperial War Museum, Duxford, multiple events/flyovers, photo flights before English Channel crossing
  • June 6-11: Normandy
  • June 11-14: Berlin Airlift (TBD)
  • June 15-21: Lido Italy/Portugal (TBD)
  • June 21-28: Return to North America
The flight path for the trip from North America to Europe is: Oxford, Connecticut, or New York (TBD), Presque Isle, Goose Bay, Greenland, Iceland, Scotland, England.

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