Douglas, c/n 3294; Photographer: Ian Atkinson, Location: Kansas City, Missouri, USA, 2005
License: All rights reserved.

Douglas, c/n 3294, DC-3-G202A

Manufacturer: Douglas Latest Type:
Manufactured as:
Construction Number: 3294 Year: 1941
Lastest Registration: NC1945 Former Registrations: NC1945
Airworthy: no
Owner: Airline History Museum
Location of the Plane: Location Kansas City, Missouri, United States of America
Airport: Location KMKC, MKC, Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport in Kansas City, United States
Engines: Wright R-1820
  • It was delivered to Transcontinental and Western Airlines (TWA) at Kansas City, Missouri in 1941, DC-3s with the rare 24-passenger, 8-window configuration, engines not currently fitted.

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