Douglas, c/n 4894; Photographer: John Maloney, Location: KBMI, Bloomington, Iowa, USA, 2006
License: All rights reserved.

Douglas, c/n 4894, DC-3A

Manufacturer: Douglas Latest Type: DC-3A
Construction Number: 4894 Year: 1942
Lastest Registration: N763A Former Registrations: N70SA , N763A , NC73726
Airworthy: Airworthy yes ex. USAAF serial: 41-20124
Owner: Norse Flight in Anchorage
Location of the Plane: Location Palmer, Alaska, United States of America
Engines: Douglas R1830-90D
  • has been operated by the United States Navy with the designation R4D-3 and serial number 05078
  • 1949: purchased by Southern Airways for it's southeastern United States and Central American routes
  • 1966: sold to a Texas business man
  • left engine is a Pratt & Whitney R1830-94 white the right engine is a R1830-90D
  • since 2016: co-owned by Nico von Pronay, operated by "Golden Era Aviation"
  • information about the plane in the internet archive

last change: May 24, 2021

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