Douglas, c/n 13142; Photographer: Quentin Falcon, Falcon Photography, Location: Aérodrome de Cerny-la Ferté-alais, Île-de-France, France, 2015
License: Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Douglas, c/n 13142, C-47A-20-DK

Manufacturer: Douglas Latest Type: C-47A-20-DK
Construction Number: 13142
Lastest Registration: F-BAXG Former Registrations: F-BAXG
Airworthy: no ex. USAAF serial: 42-93251
Owner: Amicale Jean Baptiste Salis
Location of the Plane: La Ferté Alais, France
Airport: Location LFFQ, La Ferté Alais Airfield in La Ferte Alais, France

Military Career :

On May 21, 1944 he was shipped to the Troop Command Staging Center at Baer AAF.

Transferred to the USA to Morrison Airfield Air Force in Florida (AAF FL) on May 31, 1944 where he was assigned to the Twelfth Air Force (12th AF) and joined Italy on June 13, 1944.

After sixteen months of operation on September 25, 1945, he returned to the USA and joined his base at Morrison AAF or a month later he was stored as surplus at Bush Field, Augusta GA on November 5, 1945.

November 1946:

It was converted from a C-47 to a "Maximized" DC-3 D by Canadair-Limited of Montreal.

December 13, 1946:

It was bought by the French S.G.A.C., and registered F-BAXG.

It remained the property of the SGACC, although used by Air France. It was not until January 10, 1951 that it became the property of the Cie Nationale.

It was leased to Air-Atlas (Air-France subsidiary in Morocco) in 1950 and reintegrated into Air-France on April 27, 1953 where it continued its career until 1964.

May 6, 1964 - 1980 :

It was sold to C.N.E.T. Registered F-SEBD and maintained under SIAR (Military) control.

The decentralization to LANNION of part of the National Center for Telecommunications Studies required the creation of a regular air service between VILLACOUBLAY and LANNION.

May 24th 1980:

Agreement between the C N E T and the Amicale Jean-Baptiste Salis for 5 years renewable.

July 6, 1985:

The Amicale bought the DC-3. Registered F-BLOZ

With a total of 27374 h 55 min of operation since leaving the factory.

last change: May 24, 2021

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