Douglas, c/n 20194; Photographer: Dave Haines, Location: Arlington, Washington, USA, 2015
License: All rights reserved.

Douglas, c/n 20194, DC-3C-S1C3G

Manufacturer: Douglas Latest Type:
Manufactured as:
Construction Number: 20194 Year: 1944
Lastest Registration: N63440 Former Registrations: N63440
Nickname: "Patton's Ace In The Hole"
Airworthy: no ex. USAAF serial: 43-15728
Owner: Tom Smiley Location of the Plane: Location Arlington, Washington, United States of America
Airport: Location KAWO, AWO, Arlington Municipal Airport in Arlington, Washington, USA
  • Some information about the plane at (1) and even more on (2).
  • Also called "The Turkey Hauler".
  • Registered to Alaska Crew Incorporated, Anchorage.
  • Ronald Reagan flew in the plane.

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