Douglas, c/n 1975; Photographer: John Maloney, Location: Vantaa, Helsinki, Finland, 2018
License: All rights reserved.

Douglas, c/n 1975, DC-3A-214

Manufacturer: Douglas Latest Type: DC-3A-214
Construction Number: 1975 Year: 1937
Lastest Registration: OH-VKB Former Registrations: OH-VKB , SE-BAC
Nickname: "Falke Viking"
Airworthy: no
Owner: Finnish Aviation Museum
Location of the Plane: Vantaa, Helsinki, Finland
Airport: Location EFHK, HEL, Helsinki Vantaa Airport in Helsinki, Finland
  • Fokker-assembled
  • right-hand passenger door
  • Apri, 1987: last flight

last change: May 24, 2021

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