Douglas, c/n 15113 / 26558, R4D-6

Manufacturer: Douglas Latest Type:
Manufactured as:
Construction Number: 15113 / 26558 Year: 1943
Lastest Registration: N514AC Former Registrations: N2006J , N235GB , N49 , N514AC
Nickname: "Spooky"
Airworthy: no ex. USAAF serial: 43-49297
Owner: D-Day Wings,
Caen-Carpiquet, France
Location of the Plane:
Airport: Location KHMP, HMP, Atlanta Speedway Airport in Hampton, Henry County, Georgia, USA
Engines: Pratt & Whitney R-1830-94


  • Transferred to the Navy as R4D-6 Bu No. 50788
  • Leaving military service for the FAA in 1958 as N49, other registrations include N2006J and N235GB.
  • Acquired by Lonestar Flight Museum in Texas, USA as part of Rick Sharp's Vietnam War Flight Museum collection
  • July, 2014: Acquired by the Collings Foundation Collings Foundation of Stow, Massachusetts, USA
  • March 29, 2020: first post-overhaul flight
  • Will probably be flown to Caen-Carpiquet, France in the future, painted as 42-92415, named "Miss Annabelle Lee" with code 'J7'.


last change: Apr 22, 2022

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